The latest bombing attack in Kabul was massive with some reporting that the bomb was concealed either in a sewage or water tanker that routinely supplies the diplomatic sectors of Kabul.  Having looked at where the bomb detonated, it appears that the existing screening measures may have prevented the truck from gaining entry into the


All, First, We wish everyone a successful show, The JCK show is one of the highlights of the jewelry industry and we understand that everyone is looking to have a great time while building and maintaining their treasured business relationships. Second, I have no first hand knowledge that an attack is imminent nor am I
ISIS is claiming that they carried out the terror attack at the end of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. So far, the police say that 22 are confirmed dead and this death toll could rise,   Putting together a suicide vest shows a fairly high degree of sophistication and points to the
The Washington post is asserting that President Trump revealed highly classified material to Russian officials last week during a meeting in the oval office.  The Washington Post story  does not go into specifics of what if any of the classified information that was revealed. Instead, the allegation is that president Donald Trump may have revealed classified