Prepared by Matt Sloane and Michael BriantEdited by: Justin Sloane, MD, Adam Hoffman, MSN, FNP-C, ENP-CUpdated: March 13th, 2020  Outline: BackgroundWhat is Covid-19 and where did it originateCurrent cases and fatalities worldwideCurrent cases and fatalities in the USCurrent number of countries and states affected Profile of Covid-19How it SpreadsSymptomsAt risk populationsPregnancy ConsiderationsWhen to seek medical

About Michael Briant

Michael Briant is the founder and CEO of Skydas Group International. He is a Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Security Professional with over 20 plus years of combined experience in Law Enforcement and the US Marines Military Police. He has 10 years in a supervisory capacity and 4 years of experience on behalf of the United States Government
Skydas Group International has partnered with Skyfire Consulting to offer a series of classes under the name SKYTAC.  The SKYTAC class offerings take the expertise of both partners and merge them to accomplish the common goal of integrating drone technology into law enforcement and public safety field operations. Skydas Group International is a metro Atlanta
No matter how prepared you are, there’s a chance you could face an unexpected aggressor without access to a traditional weapon. Whether you’re at the office, home, or out shopping, here are some everyday items that can make potent self-defense weapons to dissuade an attacker and buy time to get help. PenIn the event of