No matter how prepared you are, there’s a chance you could face an unexpected aggressor without access to a traditional weapon. Whether you’re at the office, home, or out shopping, here are some everyday items that can make potent self-defense weapons to dissuade an attacker and buy time to get help. PenIn the event of
Traveling outside the country for work can be an exciting perk of the job that often involves traveling outside of comfort zones. Traveling in the modern era is usually a safe experience depending on the destination and, in most usual cases, the only security needed will be accomplished at the airport. However, there are times
Kidnappings most commonly occur in places that fit one or both of two categories: an area that you spend a lot of predictable time in or a situation where you’re abnormally vulnerable. Always implement the TEDD system to practice countersurveillance and keep yourself safe from would-be kidnappers.   Time – If you see a person
The idea of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula is more attainable now than at any time in the past 70 years. Both leaders have stepped across each other’s borders, a framework for ending the Korean War has been signed, and the two nations are starting to field joint sports teams in the Olympics along