The Skydas Group is a wide spectrum strategic security consulting and threat management firm. The bedrock principle of our firm is founded on the premise that exceptionally resourceful and operationally experienced people who have proven themselves in operations across the globe provide the highest level of service and confidentiality for our clients. The insights that these men and women bring to the table transcend the battlefield and apply directly to todays competitive business world. Our staff and strategic partners are drawn from diverse yet critical security backgrounds ranging from the special operations community, law enforcement, intelligence, international protective services, financial services, international logistics, IT security and the legal field. Our threat management team has spent their careers managing risks both domestically and internationally.


Justin Vititoe

Director of Training

Justin Vititoe is the Director of Training for Skydas Group International. He has over 20 years firearms and survival experience, 17 serving as an Infantryman in the United States Army, including 4 combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. More than half of his career has revolved around sniper skill sets, to include; three years instructing at the U.S. Army Sniper School and Long Range Marksman course and two combat tours as a sniper team and section leader.  Justin is an expert in marksmanship, survival, surveillance, counter- surveillance, and almost any hand-held weapon. He has instructed military personnel and civilians all over the world, as well as operationally working in Executive Protection, Asset Recovery, and Disaster Response roles in various countries as a private contractor.

Michael Bowman

Senior Instructor

Mike Bowman is a Senior Instructor for law enforcement. Mike retired from a local police agency in Georgia in 2016 after a 29 year career. During his career Mike has had a multitude of assignments making him well versed in all facets of law enforcement. He continues to work for a small agency to maintain his POST certifications. In addition to his law enforcement career, Mike was in the National Guard as a firearms instructor and range master, teaching since 1986. He has also spend numerous years teaching the civilian shooter, specializing in first time shooters.


We offer a wide spectrum of strategic security consulting and threat management solutions.